Student visa

Participate in ‘Study & Work’ program and take the chances Australia gives you.

Student visa is a perfect way to travel to Australia, it enables you to study, work and discover the beauty of ‘the down under’, it allows for 40hours of work within a two week span during the course duration and unlimited work during holiday breaks, if you’re coming with a partner they will also be allowed to work 40hours a fortnight. Please note! If you study on a master’s degree your partner will be allowed to work full time, you can come to Australia for few months or few years.

There are 2 types of student visa

  1. 500 – for all the courses registered in CRICOS
  2. 590 – for the student’s guardian (Guardian Visa) if a student is less then 18 years old (this visa doesn’t allow for any work)
Visa fees

$550 – for the student | $410 – for the partner | $135 – for the student’s child

  • To apply you need to register your ImmiAccount on (,)
  • To file in your application you need to pay for your course, receive a COE (Confirmation Of Enrollment) and pay the visa fee,
  • To be granted your visa you need to get an OSHC Insurance (Overseas Student Health Cover) in one of the governmentally appointed providers i.e. NIB ALLIANZ,
  • You will also need to write a cover letter describing the purpose of your trip and choice of course – remember, the purpose cannot be a permanent relocation,
  • During the application process the immigration officer may ask you about your education, finances, current and previous employment,
  • Visa application can be filed in from within Australia or from overseas,
  • Student visa allows for a minimal stay of 1 month up to few years,
  • You are allowed to arrive in Australia from the moment the visa is granted (Visa Grant Notification),
  • Student visa allows for 40hours of work within a two week span during the course duration and unlimited work during holiday breaks or between courses. Student’s partner can only work 40 hours a fortnight regardless of student’s breaks or holidays. If a student is getting a Master’s degree the partner can work full time.
  • Work permit on a student visa commences the same day the selected course starts,
  • Student visa can be extended while still in Australia if deciding to study on another course,
  • While on Student visa you can apply for a tourist visa, graduate 485 visa, 457 sponsorship visa or residency,

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