Australian education system

Did you know that there are over 5,000,000 international students currently studying in Australia.

If you’re considering studying in Australia you definitely need to read about Australian education system. You can choose amongst numerous private and public schools – Australia has over 1200 various educational institutions offering 22 000 different courses. Nice choice isn’t it? You can pick an English course, professional course in a college or studies in an University or TAFE (Technical and Further Education). Naturally all classes will be conducted in English.

Keep in mind that a school of your choice needs to be registered in CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students), a registry of courses designed for overseas students. Only a registered institute can grant you a Students Visa.
Our agency will make sure that the course you apply for fits your needs and expectations best. As to the city, the school and the course itself – you can be sure that you will end up with an option that provides you with the best opportunity of growth and satisfaction. We will make your vision a reality.


  • basic scholar system has two levels: primary school and high school
  • primary school: mandatory for kids between 6 and 15 years old
  • after primary school students can continue education in high school, enroll to a professional course or seek employment.


  • offered to overseas students willing to improve on their English, travel through or migrate to Australia
  • sometimes organized within Universities and TAFE



  • based on developing knowledge and skills in particular business or profession
  • provide students with good know-how and applicable trainings
  • available at TAFE and private colleges
  • enable getting qualifications for future career development in many professions


  • it is a public institution offering the widest range of professional education
  • courses in TAFE include: business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, visual arts, IT, social work etc.
  • TAFE is a perfect solution to those who want to consistently build up future career from day one


  • very popular among international students
  • you can start with Certificate III and continue through Certificate IV to Diploma and Advanced Diploma
  • Certificates are widely accepted by Universities and account for 6 months on a bachelor level
  • Certificates III and IV provide you with useful knowledge and applicable skills

Diploma and Advanced Diploma

  • can last between 1 and 3 years
  • are usually equivalent to 1-2 years of University education
  • diplomas are offered on more practical courses, offered by both public and private institutions
  • if you want to develop your skills in a particular directions
  • enroll to a diploma


  • Australia offers a very good level of higher education
  • Australian Universities are ranked high in the worlds’ ranks attracting students from all around the globe
  • enrollment usually occurs 2-3 times a year
  • students can take advantage of Postgraduate Work Visa 485 enabling them to extend the stay and find employment
  • fees can vary between 5 500 to 25 000 dollars per semester
  • to apply for full time University studies you need a Students Visa 570.

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